Painters Paintings Alfred Smith (1853-1932): After the Rain (detail), 1885, oil on canvas, 152 x 18…

Painters Work Alfred Smith (1853-1932): After the Rain (element), 1885, oil on canvas, 152 x 185 cm, Non-public assortment
Alfred Smith de Strnburg was one of the crucial profitable artists of the late nineteenth century — revered by colleagues, and acclaimed by the press and his patrons.
Dated 1885, ‘After the Rain’ holds all the weather for which Smith’s work had been celebrated: advanced, detailed scenes of city life married to a superb depiction of the pure world, the results of his intensive coaching as a panorama painter.
Smith paints the clearing grey skies and pooling water of ‘After the Rain’ in a fragile, luminous type near Impressionism, whereas the cautious statement of individuals bustling about their day reveals his naturalistic sensibilities.

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