Painters Paintings Antonio Berni (1905–1981): Juanito va a la ciudad (Juanito Goes to the City), 19…

Painters Work Antonio Berni (1905–1981): Juanito va a la ciudad (Juanito Goes to the Metropolis), 1963, wooden, paint, industrial trash, cardboard, scrap steel, and material collage on board, the Museum of High-quality Arts, Houston . .
Within the mid-1950s, Antonio Berni was motivated by the social misery and poverty he witnessed in Argentina amid social unrest and the nation’s industrialization, and he deserted portray for assemblage. He devoted a lot of the remainder of his life to chronicling the tales of Juanito Laguna and Ramona Montiel, fictional characters that he constructed out of trash, machine components, and different discards from on a regular basis life. Their experiences uncovered the undercurrents of Argentinean society.

Inside his personal lifetime, Berni witnessed his creations—Juanito, a boy of the shanty cities, and Ramona, a working-class girl pressured into prostitution—grow to be well-liked legends and folks heroes.

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