Painters Paintings Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885): Sunday Stroll, 1841, oil on panel, 28 × 34 cm (11 × 1…

Painters Work Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885): Sunday Stroll, 1841, oil on panel, 28 × 34 cm (11 × 13.four in), Museum Carolino Augusteum, Salzburg
What at first look seems to be a easy portray of a household out for a Sunday stroll, maybe going to or coming from church, ‘Sunday Stroll’ shortly turns into recognizable as one other charming and humorous work by Carl Spitzweg. The rotund father together with his bushy sideburns proudly leads his spouse and kids via the gently blowing tall grass. Perching his prime hat upon his strolling stick and utilizing them like an umbrella, he shields himself from the solar. A barely seen youngster, holds onto his different hand, strolling behind her father almost consumed by the tall grasses.
It is early within the morning, and the sky is pale and the clouds are downy. The women of their enormous bonnets have tipped their parasols additionally to defend themselves from the rising solar. The son is lagging behind, enjoying with one thing bobbing on the tip of a protracted stick.
Morning glories bloom in riotous profusion within the foreground but serve to someway level the attention again to the central figures.

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