Painters Paintings Edward Robert Hughes (1851–1914): The Valkyrie’s Vigil, 1906, 101,8 x 73,7 cm, w…

Painters Work Edward Robert Hughes (1851–1914): The Valkyrie’s Vigil, 1906, 101,eight x 73,7 cm, watercolor and gold paint on paper, Personal assortment .
‘The Valkyrie’s Vigil’ depicts certainly one of Odin’s war-maidens who, in Scandinavian mythology, hovered over battlefields chosen these warriors who had been to die and carried out them to Valhalla.
Barefoot, clad in a sheer off-the-shoulder robe, and softly lit from above, her martial points are de-emphasized on this ethereal fairy portray: she tucks her helmet into the criminal of her arm and holds her sword by the ricasso.

Source : painters.paintings

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