Painters Paintings F. Childe Hassam (1859-1935): Tanagra (The Builders, New York), 1918, oil on can…

Painters Work F. Childe Hassam (1859-1935): Tanagra (The Builders, New York), 1918, oil on canvas,149.2 x cm (58 3/four x 58 5/eight in.), Smithsonian American Artwork Museum, Washington DC

In Tanagra (The Builders, New York), Childe Hassam painted an ambivalent picture of contemporary life. On the flip of the 20 th century, the skyscraper symbolized all that was dynamic and highly effective in America. Architects praised the brand new towers as symbols of mankind’s attain for the heavens. However as the US grew in energy and status, the employees who supplied the nation’s muscle additionally appeared to threaten Hassam’s orderly and affluent world. The artist had gained fame and fortune picturing New York for the delight of its moneyed class; the artwork, music, and advantageous manners surrounding this “blond Aryan lady” supplied a buffer towards the unruliness of America’s immigrant society. If the skyscraper represents worldly ambition, the opposite vertical components within the portray—the lilies, the Hellenistic figurine, the panels of a wonderful oriental display—recommend a distinct type of aspiration. However in 1918, the refined life this lady pursued in her elegant setting was already below assault by the fact of warfare and the clamor of a brand new century. (Smithsonian American Artwork Museum)

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