Painters Paintings Frank Weston Benson (1862-1951): The Seamstress, 1913, oil on canvas, 36 x 26 in…

Painters Work Frank Weston Benson (1862-1951): The Seamstress, 1913, oil on canvas, 36 x 26 in. (91.four x 66 cm.), Non-public assortment

Painted in 1913, ‘The Seamstress’ possesses all of the traits of the Frank Weston Benson’s extremely private and celebrated fashion. It’s a stunning and intimate depiction of the artist’s beloved daughter Eleanor that manifests his daring brushwork and mastery of sunshine and ambiance.

Inside scenes comparable to this one have been enhances to Benson’s celebrated depictions of girls and youngsters outdoor and the artist’s main focus throughout the winter months spent in Boston.

Right here his twenty-three 12 months outdated daughter, Eleanor, sits elegantly engrossed in her craft in a softly lit nook of his St. Botolph Avenue studio. She sews subsequent to the window, which serves as the sunshine supply for the composition and illuminates her needlework and her flowing white costume, in addition to the wall behind her.

On the desk, beside her, a violin, potted plant and a pitcher relaxation, silhouetted by the sunshine which pours in by way of the window behind them and catches small highlights on every of the objects. Closest to the sitter is her package with spools of thread in vibrant reds and cobalts.

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