Painters Paintings George Inness (1825 – 1894): Farm Landscape, Cattle in Pasture (Sunset Nantucket…

Painters Work George Inness (1825 – 1894): Farm Panorama, Cattle in Pasture (Sundown Nantucket) (element), c. 1883, oil on panel, San Diego Museum of Artwork, USA
Inness discovered inspiration within the pure environs of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, and he more and more painted the island after 1880. Across the time that he painted ‘Farm Panorama, Cattle in Pasture’, his letters recurrently described the productiveness and repeated inspiration he present in Sconset. On August 2, 1883, he wrote, “I noticed a really tremendous sundown final night from Mr. Burbank’s home which with figures might be made attention-grabbing and placing.” Simply two days later, he wrote once more, “I’ve simply been out to see the setting of the solar, strolling up the street and learning the solemn tones of the passing daylight. There’s something peculiarly spectacular within the results of the far-stretching distance, the weather-worn grey of the buildings, and the overall sense of solitariness which fairly fits my current temper.” (Museum label)

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