Painters Paintings Grant Wood (1891–1942): Spring in the Country, 1941,Oil on composition board, 23…

Painters Work Grant Wooden (1891–1942): Spring within the Nation, 1941,Oil on composition board, 23 1⁄2 x 21 1⁄2 in. (59.7 x 54.6 cm), Cedar Rapids Museum of Artwork, Iowa, USA
Grant Wooden’s ‘Spring within the Nation’ conjures a blessed time earlier than a shattering expertise. Right here, father arrives together with his plow horses, as little one Wooden helps mom set seedlings within the earth. In a prequel to ‘Spring in City’, mining a happier reminiscence, the artist presents his boyhood self in literal contact with the Iowa soil. It’s a compensatory dream of reunion together with his mother and father and his unique dwelling, defying mortal realities in his last 12 months.

Wooden meant to create an entire sequence of those work. He painted solely two, (this one and the ‘Spring in City’), and so they had been the final works he made. Late in 1941, he was recognized with pancreatic most cancers. He died a number of months later, only a few hours wanting his fifty-second birthday. (Sue Taylor)

Source : painters.paintings

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