Painters Paintings Jakub Schikaneder (1855–1924): A Street Corner in Prague, circa 1900-1910, oil o…

Painters Work Jakub Schikaneder (1855–1924): A Road Nook in Prague, circa 1900-1910, oil on canvas, 105 x 84 cm, Nationwide Gallery in Prague


Painted in Prague’s Outdated City, the current work epitomises Schikaneder’s atmospheric nocturnes of town and its environs, characterised by a way of poetic mysticism with remoted mild sources punctuating the all-enveloping twilight.

Schikaneder was a primary exponent of Symbolist expression pervading Europe on the flip of the century.

In the course of the 1880s and 1890s Schikaneder established himself in his early days as a painter of style. However the brooding, melancholy temper that usually pervaded these early works carried via into the extra diffuse nocturnes for which he’s now most extremely regarded, akin to the current portray, which is so typical of those twilight views. The temper conveyed has sturdy resonances with Czech fin de siècle literature of the interval, together with the novels of Franz Kafka, and in its ambiguous quiet anticipates the work of such later twentieth century painters.

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