Painters Paintings Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568 – 1625): The Senses of Sight and Smell (detail), 1…

Painters Work Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568 – 1625): The Senses of Sight and Odor (element), 1618; (copy c. 1620), Oil on canvas, 176 x 264 cm, Prado, Madrid
This piece is paired with the allegory of Sight and Odor (our earlier submit). Each arrived in Madrid in 1623 for the ornament of the Torre de la Reina on the Alcázar Palace.

The 2 work had been commissioned by the Metropolis of Antwerp to be offered to the archducal couple, and had been executed by “twelve of the very best masters of town”. They had been paid for in October 1618. In 1619 they had been within the viewers chamber at Tervuren Citadel. In 1731 they had been destroyed within the hearth at Coudenberg Palace. The surviving one is shut copy of the unique.
Northern painters typically collaborated on a single work, and that is singularly true right here, the place Brueghel was accompanied by Gerard Seghers, Frans Fracken “the Youthful” and Joost de Momper, who painted lots of the parts making up this composition.
In ‘Sight and Odor’, the work within the background embody The Therapeutic of the Blind, representing non secular sight, in distinction with bodily sight, represented by a magnifying glass. A telescope within the foreground and a hallway within the rear, lined with artwork works, resulting in an open door into nature and lit from above by shafts of daylight, additionally discuss with points of this sense. The feminine determine epitomising sight is taking a look at her reflection in a mirror which is held up for her by a putto, whereas the opposite feminine determine, representing odor, receives a bouquet of flowers from one other putto. The canine represents an acute sense of odor, and the civet, stenches.

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