Painters Paintings Jan Steen (1626-1679): “The way you hear it, is the way you sing it”; “As the Ol…

Painters Work Jan Steen (1626-1679): “The way in which you hear it, is the best way you sing it”; “Because the Outdated Sing, So Pipe the Younger,” 1668-70, Oil on canvas, 134 x 163 cm (52 ¾ x 64 1/eight in.), Royal Image Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague

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Right here, Steen has depicted the proverb ‘Because the previous sing, so pipe the younger’, which means {that a} dangerous instance results in dangerous conduct. The girl on the left with the open cleavage is having her glass topped up. On the precise, the laughing father is educating one among his kids to smoke a pipe. That is Steen himself. In addition to his reward for telling humorous tales, Steen was additionally a talented painter who might counsel a wide range of supplies, such because the earthenware jug on the ground, the lilac skirt and the glowing wine.

Steen makes use of what’s ostensibly a celebration of the baptism of the newborn at middle as an event to display the results of errant grownup conduct on impressionable kids. An aged lady holds a sheet of paper containing the phrases to a preferred proverb, referenced within the portray’s title. Steen playfully portrays himself because the determine educating the boy to smoke. Thematic symbols punctuate the composition: the bagpiper suggests the “copycat piping” talked about within the proverb (the instrument connoted indolence and debauchery), the foot hotter and oysters have erotic associations, and the parrot implies mimicry.

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