Painters Paintings Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675): Officer and Laughing Girl, ca. 1657, Oil on canvas…

Painters Work Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675): Officer and Laughing Lady, ca. 1657, Oil on canvas, 50.5 x 46 cm (19 7/eight x 18 1/eight in.), The Frick Assortment, New York, USA .
In what could also be one of many first works of his mature fashion, Vermeer transforms the theme of a lady entertaining her suitor, already standard in Dutch artwork, into a blinding examine bathed by the normal golden mild utilized by Vermeer.
The composition portraits an official of the Dutch military together with his pink uniform and a giant black hat within the foreground who’s speaking with a younger lady within the background.
The darkish foil of the officer’s silhouette dramatizes each the phantasm of depth and the sensible play of sunshine over the lady and the furnishings of the chamber. The rosy lady, holding a glass of wine, is seeking to the officer and laughing at some witticism. They’re each seated on two chairs that continually seem in Vermeer’s compositions in addition to the map positioned on the far wall.

On this portray, Vermeer has offered us with a slightly shallow pictorial area by which the rear wall, rendered extra lively by the location of the map, appears to challenge the figures in the direction of the viewer. This compositional system is said to that developed by Caravaggio in Italy and later popularized in Flanders and Holland by the Caravaggism of his Utrecht followers.

Characteristically for Vermeer, many objects each a compositional and a symbolic function. The map and the open window, for example, are allusions to the surface world, hinting maybe on the woman’s publicity to grownup influences – requiring further care when alcohol is concerned.

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