Painters Paintings L. A. Ring (1854–1933): Evening: Death and the Old Woman, 1887, Oil on canvas, 1…

Painters Work L. A. Ring (1854–1933): Night: Dying and the Previous Girl, 1887, Oil on canvas, 121 x 95 cm, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen

After having skilled quite a few tragic occasions in 1880’s, lots of Ring’s works targeted on demise round this time, equivalent to his 1887 portray entitled Night: Dying and the Previous Girl

The work depicts an outdated lady resting by the roadside, exhausted after carrying her heavy burden. Her arm hangs slack. She will be able to do no extra. She is near demise. She won’t get to the tip of the street. She won’t make it house.
The solar has set and the comfortable mild of nightfall characterizes the scene. The street symbolises her street of life on which she has made the ultimate journey. Within the sky above her looms the Angel of Dying.
He smiles and laughs understanding he’s about to reap one more soul..

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