Painters Paintings Lesser Ury (1861-1931): Alexanderplatz, Berlin, circa 1915 – 20, pastel on card,…

Painters Work Lesser Ury (1861-1931): Alexanderplatz, Berlin, circa 1915 – 20, pastel on card, 49.5 x 36 cm., Personal Assortment


On the time Lesser Ury executed this pastel, he confirmed his works at two main exhibitions with the Berliner Sezession, during which the extra progressive artists had been organized. Ury was one of many first artists in Germany to take hectic trendy metropolis life, with its site visitors and busy nightlife in theatres and bars, as a subject for artwork.

As within the current pastel, Berlin and its streets with horse-drawn carriages – later with the newly developed vehicles – performs a distinguished function in his work. The artist depicts the temper of the quick creating metropolis with its hustle and bustle, during which the viewer is often concerned, when, as in Alexanderplatz, Berlin, a road scene with site visitors and passers-by who rush throughout the road, is depicted in a glimpse of a busy second, as if caught in a snap shot by a photographer.

Alexanderplatz, Berlin is an excellent instance of his abilities and extraordinary refinement working on this medium, during which he arguably surpassed his rival Liebermann. Layers of pastel create the ambiance in lots of shades of color during which the sunshine displays on a shiny wet road, blurring into the smoke emitted by a prepare passing on a viaduct. Particulars such because the reflections on the horse and wheels of the carriages are delicately depicted. (Sotheby’s)

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