Painters Paintings Rene Magritte (1898 – 1967): The Beautiful Relations, 1967, oil on canvas, 41 x …

Painters Work Rene Magritte (1898 – 1967): The Lovely Relations, 1967, oil on canvas, 41 x 33 cm (16 1/eight x 13 in) , Non-public Assortment . . ‘The Lovely Relations’ combines a number of recurrent preoccupations of Magritte’s artwork, such because the depiction of faceless, unidentifiable figures, objects suspended within the sky and the juxtaposition of human flesh with on a regular basis objects – the recent air balloon with a human eye – and landscapes.
Within the current work, a way of thriller and ambiguity is created by inserting the outsized facial options – eye, nostril and mouth – in opposition to a quiet, unidentifiable panorama dominated by an enormous cloud-filled sky. By altering the context by which we’re used to seeing these photographs, the artist challenges our concepts of the seen world and of the character of artwork itself – the paradox of the seen and invisible, in addition to the advanced topic of the gaze and the dynamic between spectator and object.

Source : painters.paintings

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