Painters Paintings Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890): Fishing in Spring, Pont de Clichy Spring 1887, Par…

Painters Work Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890): Fishing in Spring, Pont de Clichy
Spring 1887, Paris, Oil on canvas, 49 x 58 cm, Artwork Institute of Chicago

Seine work is the topic and site of work that Vincent van Gogh made in 1887. The Seine has been an integral a part of Parisian life for hundreds of years for commerce, journey and leisure. Right here Van Gogh primarily captures the respite and aid from metropolis life present in nature.

A couple of of the work had been made in Paris and the remaining within the northwestern suburbs of Paris in Clichy and Asnières. By these works the viewers can see a transition in Van Gogh’s work from considered one of darkish colours and severe themes to extra joyous use of colour and light-weight and selection of themes. “In approach, Fishing in Spring is a testomony to Vincent van Gogh’s friendship with Paul Signac. Van Gogh had seen works by Signac and Georges Seurat within the spring of 1886 on the last Impressionist exhibition. Signac was an eloquent spokesman for Seurat’s pioneering Neo-Impressionism, explaining it as a pure growth of Impressionism. Below Signac’s affect, Van Gogh’s palette brightened, his brushstrokes turned extra diversified, and his material expanded. The setting of this work is the Seine River on the Pont de Clichy, close to Asnières, the place Van Gogh and Signac painted collectively on a number of events.” ( Everlasting assortment label)
This portray additionally affords an instructive comparability with Monet’s tranquil ‘The River, Bennecourt’ (Artwork Institute, Chicago) painted twenty years earlier.

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