Painters Paintings Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902): Sierra Nevada Morning (detail), 1870, oil on canva…

Painters Work Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902): Sierra Nevada Morning (element), 1870, oil on canvas, 134,6 × 211,1 cm, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Albert Bierstadt’s superbly crafted work performed to a market keen, within the 1860s and 70s , for spectacular views of the nation’s frontier. He most likely painted ‘Sierra Nevada Morning’ in his Rome studio.
His idealized interpretations of the western panorama delivered to life the picture of the fabled frontier for a lot of who would by no means journey there.

Like his well-traveled compatriots Frederic E. Church (1826-1900) and Thomas Moran (1837-1926), Bierstadt was impressed by the scientific and territorial expansions of his day, and intrigued by their investigative mechanisms.
First-hand remark was the muse, however studio re-creativity was the nexus of Bierstadt’s methodology as an artist. It was within the studio the place Bierstadt allowed sentiment, within the nineteenth-century sense of the phrase, to pervade his work.

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