Painters Paintings Konstantin Kapıdağlı (Konstandinos Kizikinos) (late 18th century – first quarter…

Painters Work Konstantin Kapıdağlı (Konstandinos Kizikinos) (late 18th century – first quarter of the 19th century): Portrait of Sultan Selim III, 1803, oil on canvas, Topkapı Palace Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
Konstantin Kapıdağlı was an Ottoman Greek painter who helped forming a naturalistic pictorial artwork within the Ottoman Empire within the second half of the 18th century. Identified mainly as a portraitist, his work of Sultan Selim III (r. 1789-1807) are among the many Palace’s most vital examples of artwork reflecting up to date portrait custom. Within the portray signed Resm-i Konstantin Kapıdağlı (Portray by Konstantin Kapıdağlı) and dated 1803, the artist depicts the sultan seated in an inside with a rosary in his hand; on this work, Kapıdağlı has clearly distanced himself from the miniature custom and the accustomed iconography of sultanic portraiture.

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