Painters Paintings Konstantin Korovin (1861-1939): Set design for Khovanshchina: Act I (detail), 19…

Painters Work Konstantin Korovin (1861-1939): Set design for Khovanshchina: Act I (element), 1910-11, gouache on board, 14¾ x 21¼ in. (37.5 x 54 cm.)
Korovin’s impressionist aesthetic is maybe at its greatest in his theatre work, that’s stage design — sketches of the costumes and units, and typically the units themselves, the artwork of theatre, to which Korovin was dedicated all through his life.
Within the early 20th century, stage design was given the dominant position within the interpretation of Russian productions, appearing as a direct automobile for investigating and expressing the ‘Russian concept’, which was projected by way of ambiance, symbolism and imaginative use of color. An ornamental, stylised idiom mixed with a vibrant, festive palette was Korovin’s trademark.
The 1911 manufacturing of Khovanshchina offered at St Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre was considered one of Korovin’s best theatrical achievements. Inspired by the eminent critic Vladimir Stasov, Modest Mussorgsky wrote the five-act opera, which relies on the two-pronged historic resistance to Peter the Nice’s modernisation of the state. The resistance was led by Prince Khovanvskii and the Streltsy and Dosifey, chief of the Outdated Believers. The current work most likely pertains to Feodor Chaliapine’s 1924 revival of the opera on the Bolshoi Theatre.

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