Painters Paintings Paul Gustav Fischer (1860–1934): An Evening at the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, 18…

Painters Work Paul Gustav Fischer (1860–1934): An Night on the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, 1887-88, Oil on canvas, 220 × 172.1 cm., Non-public Assortment


In his early work, Paul Fischer included parts he noticed within the works of the French Impressionists into his personal work – not simply in method, however within the topic as nicely. His compositions quickly mirrored the complexities of contemporary life within the metropolis, with good depictions of bustling streets, public squares, and society at massive.

This monumental and extremely detailed scene, entitled ‘An Night on the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen’, exemplifies the elegant, cultural topics of his very most interesting works.

Fischer’s strategy was distinctive in that it was much more private and congenial than a lot of his French counterparts. Whereas Edgar Degas’ ballerinas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s working-class dancers had been indifferent and nameless, Fischer’s topics are notable mates, colleagues, and members of society..

As his forged of characters within the viewers fills the theater, the Danish Royal Household watch the exercise from their non-public balcony.

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