Painters Paintings Rafael Romero Barros (1832 – 1895): Still Life with Oranges (Bodegón de Naranjas…

Painters Work Rafael Romero Barros (1832 – 1895): Nonetheless Life with Oranges (Bodegón de Naranjas), 1863, oil on canvas, 68 x 54 cm, Cordoba Positive Arts Museum, Spain

Rafael Romero Barros was a Spanish painter who typically labored within the Costumbrismo fashion,
an artwork motion within the portray of native day by day existence, traits, and traditions, in nineteenth-century Spain and Latin America.

Current portray reveals Barros’ mastery of nonetheless life.

The work follows the standard scheme of putting the fruit on a desk in entrance of a wall.

Within the higher half, some orange tree branches cross the fence, the place you’ll be able to see the oranges in flower and in fruit.

Solar gentle coming from the barred window that opens to the surface brightens the oranges on the desk, some peeled, with additionally a glass and a carafe of orange juice.

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