Painters Paintings The Hagia Sophia (Turkish; Ayasofya, Latin; Sancta Sophia) was built as a cathed…

Painters Work The Hagia Sophia (Turkish; Ayasofya, Latin; Sancta Sophia) was constructed as a cathedral at Constantinople (now Istanbul) within the sixth century CE (532–537) underneath the course of the Byzantine emperor Justinian I. By basic consensus, it’s crucial Byzantine construction and one of many world’s nice monuments.

The Hagia Sophia combines a longitudinal basilica and a centralized constructing in a completely unique method, with an enormous 32-metre (105-foot) primary dome supported on pendentives and two semidomes, one on both aspect of the longitudinal axis. In plan the constructing is nearly sq..
After the Turkish conquest of Constantinople in 1453, Mehmet II had it repurposed as a mosque, with the addition of a terrific chandelier, a mihrab (area of interest indicating the course of Mecca), and a minbar (pulpit). In 1934, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founding father of the Turkish Republic and its first President, secularized the constructing, and in 1935 it was made right into a museum.

Artwork historians take into account the constructing’s lovely mosaics to be the primary supply of data in regards to the state of mosaic artwork within the time shortly after the tip of the Iconoclastic Controversy within the eighth and ninth centuries.The Hagia Sophia is a element of a UNESCO World Heritage web site referred to as the Historic Areas of Istanbul (designated 1985), which incorporates that metropolis’s different main historic buildings and places.

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