Painters Paintings Thomas Fearnley (1802–1842): Old Birch Tree at Sognefjord, 1839, oil on canvas, …

Painters Work Thomas Fearnley (1802–1842): Outdated Birch Tree at Sognefjord, 1839, oil on canvas, 54.5 x 66 cm, Nasjonalmuseet (Nationwide Museum of Artwork, Structure and Design), Oslo

Fearnley’s ‘Outdated Birch Tree at Sognefjord’ depicts two figures at is centre, and lots of different absorbing particulars such because the smoke rising from the chimney of the home on the opposite aspect of the small bay.

In former instances, the big birch at Slinde Farm within the innermost a part of the Sognefjord was thought of to be on hallowed floor. The tree’s significance as a dwelling artefact, its location on an historical barrow, and the majestic nature surrounding it made it an ideal motif for Norwegian romantic painters within the nineteenth century, however Fearnley’s model is maybe essentially the most atmospheric depiction and has remained one of many principal works of of his nation’s nationwide Romanticism.

The tree itself was uprooted by a strong storm in 1874, however the reminiscence of it lives on.

The portray options intense, glowing colors that aren’t as outstanding in Fearnley’s earlier works however which are actually a trademark of Caspar David Friedrich’s artwork. One other commonality with Friedrich’s work is the 2 small figures who’re positioned with their backs turned to the viewer, surveying the panorama in quiet contemplation.

In 1844, the Norwegian writer Johan Sebastian Welhaven wrote a poem about this historical birch rising from the burial mound:

The Sanctified Tree
On the Sognefjord, on Slindre Farm,
Is the place one finds the proudest birch.
Atop Hydnes Barrow, over the large’s legs,
It stretches out its hearty branches,
Greeted with reverence and awe
Because it rises towards the sky in age-old splendour.
(Nationwide Museum of Artwork, Structure and Design, Oslo)

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